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To get our economy back on track and our budget balanced by 2022-23, we’ve appointed an independent panel of experts to review Alberta’s finances and economy.

The MacKinnon Panel on Alberta's Finances recommended ways to eliminate waste, duplication and non-essential spending to fund government’s key priorities, while ensuring high-quality, front-line services for Albertans.

Panel mandate

The panel brought an outside perspective and decades of experience as they reviewed a range of economic factors and financial processes, including:

  • government's fiscal outlook
  • department and agency expenditure trends and cost drivers
  • a plan to balance the budget by 2022-23, without raising taxes
  • a new fiscal framework that requires future balanced budgets and a plan to retire the accumulated debt
  • government's operating and capital budgeting, fiscal planning and public reporting processes and systems
  • business investment climate in Canada and its impact on Alberta’s economy

Blue Ribbon Panel Report
KPMG Support Document
MNP Research & Analysis Support Document