Pandemic Preparedness Guide

To help businesses prepare for and manage through a potential COVID-19 escalation in Canada, the Canadian Construction Association is referring members to a guide developed by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. It is designed to assist in business planning and continuity efforts. This tool includes links to some of the most relevant and credible information, best practice tools and resources. We will continue to update this information on our website External link opens in new tab or and we encourage you to also visit External link opens in new tab or for additional resources.

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Businesses play a critical role in protecting the health and safety of employees and limiting the negative impact on the economy and communities. Preparedness, not panic, is the best way to mitigate the risks posed by a COVID-19 pandemic to the Canadian economy and our citizens. A business continuity plan will minimize the impact on business and facilitate a speedy resumption of activities if the business has been forced to scale back or close during the pandemic.

Should COVID-19 escalate in Canada, some of the things businesses need to plan for include:

  • Staff absences due to a number of reasons (personal illness, ill family members, looking after children if schools close, government authorizing quarantine or self-isolation, etc.);
  • Disruption to essential services like information, telecommunications, financial services, energy supply, and logistics;
  • Disruption to supply of necessary materials or contractors;
  • A major increase or decrease in demand for products and services;
  • Cancellation or disruption of travel and cross-border movement of people and goods;
  • Cancellation of public meetings or gatherings like sports events, concerts or religious services;
  • Impact on the trade status of Canada, or of our trading partners; and
  • Increased public fear that causes citizens to avoid public places.

ACA Resources

Information for employers and employees:

  • COVID-19 Updates From Alberta Government Occupational Health and Safety

    Daily updates can be found here:  External link opens in new tab or window

  • Income Support Program:  Income Support can help you and your family with basic living costs and other necessities. Depending on your needs and situation you may be eligible to receive assistance through Alberta’s Income Support program.  It is income/asset tested for your entire household and “ongoing” and/or “emergency benefit” streams.

  • Income support policy and contact info:   External link opens in new tab or window  

    Note: your local office may be assessing via telephone, not in person at this time.   
  • Information on employment rules for layoffs and terminations:   External link opens in new tab or window

Tips on business preparedness


Additional resources

Use credible and reliable sources of information to monitor and assess the situation and refine your plans accordingly.

Government of Canada resources

Provincial/territorial resources

Other helpful links