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CSTS - 2020

What is CSTS 2020?

CSTS2020 is the upgraded version of CSTS-09.  CSTS 2020 is comprised of nine standard modules grouped together and called CSTS Fundamentals and site-specific Add-on Modules.  On its own, CSTS Fundamentals serves as a general construction site orientation for workers new to the construction industry.  It is supported by a number of job-specific Add-on Modules to help employers customize CSTS training to fit specific site requirements.

Add-On Modules
By January 2020, CSTS 2020 makes available all modules that are included in CSTS-09, plus much more in optional modules.

The 20 Add-on Module topics included:
  1. Concrete Pump Truck
  2. Controlling Hazardous Energy**
  3. Confined Spaces**
  4. Driving**
  5. Drywall
  6. Environmental Protection**
  7. Excavations**
  8. Framing
  9. Ladders**
  10. Mobile Equipment Awareness*
  11. Propane on the Work Site*
  12. Pumpjack Scaffolds
  13. Respiratory Protection Equipment
  14. Rigging, Hoists, and Cranes
  15. Roofing
  16. Safeguarding
  17. Scaffolds**
  18. Silica
  19. Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  20. Working at Height**

*currently available
** available in spring 2020
Note:  all 20 Add-on Modules will be available by December 31, 2020.

Add-On Modules
Now Available

  • Basic Ladder Safety
  • Basic Scaffold Safety
  • Confined Space Awareness
  • Controlling Hazardous Energy and LOTO
  • Driving & Journey Management
  • Environmental Protection
  • Excavations & Exposing Utilities
  • Framing Hazards & Controls
  • Introduction to Respiratory Protective Equipment
  • Mobile Equipment Awareness
  • Propane on the Work Site
  • Pumpjack Scaffold Safety
  • Rigging, Hoists and Cranes
  • Roofing Hazards & Controls
  • Types & Uses of Safeguards
  • WHMIS 2015 Worker Education (Generic)
  • Working Around Concrete Pump Trucks
  • Working at Height
  • Working Safely with Drywall

Construction Safety Training System


The new version of CSTS allows you to work through the modules from the comfort of your own home! Any computer with internet access will allow you to get started. 



CSTS 2020


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  • Additional Modules:  FREE


  • CSTS On-Line:  $25.00
  • Add-on Modules:  $2.00/module


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**Rates subject to change without notice**

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