Established in 1993, the Safety Codes Council is responsible for all aspects of the safety system, including accrediting the municipalities, corporations, and agencies that sell permits and inspect the work carried out under these permits, certifying and training safety codes officers who do the inspections, administering the Alberta Master Electrician Program, and developing, enhancing, and supporting Information Technology safety system applications. 
The Council derives its authority from the External link opens in new tab or windowSafety Codes Act and the Minister of External link opens in new tab or windowMunicipal Affairs to: 
  • review, formulate, and recommend codes and standards to the Minister for the nine technical disciplines covered under the Act
  • develop and administer a system to accredit municipalities, regional services commissions, corporations, and agencies to carry out specific activities under the Act
  • develop and administer a program to train, certify, and designate safety codes officers
  • administer an appeal process for orders and written notices issued under the Act
  • administer the Master Electrician Program
  • promote uniform safety standards and the principles of barrier-free design and access
  • provide support for our partners
  • carry out any activities that the Minister directs
The Council is governed by a board of directors, or Coordinating Committee, which is made up of members appointed from experts in the areas of governance, finance, risk management, human resources, and business.
The Technical Coordinating Committee and sub councils are made up of stakeholders representing a variety of industry groups with expertise in various fields. There are over 130 volunteers who contribute their time and energy, and collectively make up the Council.
The Council’s staff provide for the administration of the Council’s core business functions: accreditation, certification, education and training, appeals, Master Electrician Program, Codes and Standards, and electronic business solutions, or eBS. The staff also supports the activities of the Coordinating Committee, the Technical Coordinating Committee, and the ten sub-councils.

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